AVR Development board

What is AVR?

There are number of popular families of microcontrollers which are used in different application as per their capability and feasibility to perform the desired task, most common of these are 8054, AVR, PIC. In this article we will introduce you with AVR family of micro controllers.

AVR is a simple programmable chip. It has a CPU, some flash memory, some RAM & some EEPROM, all in one chip. Flash memory is a storage location, like the hard disk of computer. RAM is a temporary storage just like computer RAM. EEPROM is used long term storage. Without EEPROM we can’t run a program from flash memory. The EEPROM doesn’t get erased when the chip loses power.

What is a AVR development board ?

This Development board is helps users to easily develop application for AVR. After programming the microcontroller, the code can be run on the development board. All ports of this Development board is easily accessible.

AVR Development board

Features & Specification of AVR

  • 7 Segment LED display
  • 4 x 4 KEYBOARD
  • 40 pin ZIF socket
  • Two RS232 for serial communication
  • 12 V AC/DC adapter
  • 4 input /output PORT
  • DC Motor interface & controlling
  • Dual power supply out (12V, 5V)
  • Manual Reset
  • LCD( 16 x 2) interface & extension slot
  • 4 Interrupt / Input switches
  • LED interface (8 LED)
  • 8 MHz for Maximum speed
  • Analog input PORT
  • LCD contrast adjuster
  • ISP head for programming
  • Regulated power supply

Circuit  Diagram


AVR circuit


AVR development board components

  1. MOTOR interface
  2. 7 segment display
  3. RELAY
  4. Voltage Regulator
  5. PORT B Extension slot
  6. 40 pin AVR
  7. 40 pin ZIF socket
  8. PORT A Extension slot
  9. 12 V AC/DC adapter
  10. ISP head
  11. Dual power supply(12V, 5V)
  12. LED interface
  13. LCD interface & Extension slot
  14. KEYBOARD interface
  15. interrupt/ input switches
  16. EEPROM
  17. CMOS battery
  18. RESET switch
  19. PORT C Extension slot
  20. RS 232 for serial communication
  21. MAX 232
  22. PORT D Extension slot
  23.  L293D socket

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